What people are saying about our training.

“Overall, the presentation was very captivating.  Todd was effective in delivering key points while focusing on prevention and protection.  The workshop helped our employees prepare both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.”
Gilda M. Nogueira
President & CEO
East Cambridge Savings Bank


•    Enjoyed your class very much
•    Thank you for what you do
•    Very informative and able to keep my attention
•    Very good presentation
•    Need to be more longer in time
•    More examples – examples are memorable
•    Great presenter
•    Great Job. We needed this!
•    A very fluid, informativediscussion, and can be used in many scenarios
•    Very informative session. Found it very helpful
•    Great course, awesome instructor
•    I’ve attended two other active shooter training and this has been the most informative. The instructor was more detailed when explaining what to do in a critical time frame of crisis
•    Very informative
•    Excellent course, great material
•    Great information for the society we are living in today – awareness is key
•    I work in a building with other companies and businesses. I feel this really helped
•    Very good information
•    The information presented make me more aware of how to keep prepared for this type of situation should it arise anyplace
•    Great presentation
•    Very informative course
•    Very informative. Came into course unsure about what to expect(thought I was going to learn how to take down an active shooter) but after class was very comfortable with being prepared and saving lives
•    Great speaker and presentation
•    Would like to discuss other alternatives in protecting the safe place
•    As a former criminal justice student. Public safety has been a large part of my studies. This course was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to everyone
•    Todd was extremely well prepared and kept the subject matter on topic and the audience was engaged
•    Very informative and useful session
•    Excellent training for work and outside of work
•    Gave me awareness, some things to think about
•    Thank you!
•    This course gave me a lot of insight into the difference in preservation of life as opposed to complying with a robber. I believe this course was extremely important because the dynamics of being in the workplace or anywhere for that matter have changes dramatically we need to live
•    Learned a large amount of information. Feel much safer now at workplace with this information
•    Overall very impressed about this training
•    This course was very informative how to keep safe in the event you’re in danger. Be prepared. The instructor demonstrated effective techniques
•    Excellent presentation
•    Outstanding program with an excellent instructor.  I learned important life skills that will be shared with others.
•    Was apprehensive about the content and then realized that the class was focusing on prevention and protection.  One of the best education sessions.  Appreciate the bank running it.